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  1. S

    Advice on employees who made unauthorized purchases for salon

    I own a nail salon with two employees. Recently, both of them went shopping for more nail salon supplies as we needed hand lotion and nail files and they wanted to visit a new bulk store right by their house. I told them to keep their receipts so that I could reimburse them. The problem is...
  2. C

    Is this normal for a nail salon?

    Hey! My name is Christina and im a new nail tech, I've been doing my own nails for years but recently started doing others and graduated manicuring classes a little less then a year ago. Nails are my passion and i recently started working at a salon and I've been there around almost 6 months...
  3. B

    Nail technician training

    Hi guys, I am just looking for a bit of advice. I am currently doing my level 3 vtct nail technician training and finish in November. At the moment I am also full time employed, and am looking for advice as to what the next steps are best when I am qualified. I’ve been reading around and a...
  4. J

    Oppertunity to rent space in a large salon for nail bar

    Hi Guys, I’m in the process of taking on the lease for a shop next door to my beauty salon which is situated next door to Sainsbury’s, huge footfall and traffics flow. I’m looking for someone that would like to open up their own Nail Bar, I’m located in High Wycombe, Bucks. Give me a call...
  5. J

    Nail acrylic?

    So I’m currently in the process of opening up my own nail salon. I use OPI Clarite on my clientele right now. That acrylic isn’t salon speed due to the slow setting. Is there any acrylic you guys recommend? Is there any nail companies that might give away samples before buying in bulk? Thank you...
  6. JessHens

    Home based nail salon?

    Hi S-Geeks, Those who do nails from home.. Where are you set up? Do you have a separate/dedicated nail room you work out of? Do you just have a set up in a living area.. Thanks :)