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    What to use for nail art, gel or normal polish?

    Hi, I am training to become a nail tech and I'll mainly be offering custom nail art. I do it on myself by applying acrylic dip powder, normal varnish and then UV gel topcoat but I'm not sure if customers would be happy with normal varnish. In your experiences, what is the best medium to use for...
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    Estemio or Magpie

    He Guys, I’m debatting between buying Magpie or Estemio. I”m leaning towards estemio and was wondering if someone has tried this brand. How long did the nails last, are they as pigmented as on the video? Since i’m doing nail art. Please let me know
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    Lecente Smooth It, is it worth it?

    Hey everyone. So I held off getting lecente smooth it when it was first released and then it was out of stock. Now it’s back in stock I’m thinking of getting it, but wanted peoples opinions on it first.... Is it worth it? And what’s your experiences with it? Do you use it on lots of client? Etc...
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    Oppertunity to rent space in a large salon for nail bar

    Hi Guys, I’m in the process of taking on the lease for a shop next door to my beauty salon which is situated next door to Sainsbury’s, huge footfall and traffics flow. I’m looking for someone that would like to open up their own Nail Bar, I’m located in High Wycombe, Bucks. Give me a call...
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    Halo gel polish - applying nail art

    I have been using this and it’s proving ok so far. My problem with it is that after the second coat has been cured I am struggling a little with nail art? This could be my inexperience? However, I don’t find it as tacky as cnd shellac? So when I use foils for instance I have to press them very...