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  1. C

    New nail tech from South Africa

    Hi everyone! I'm a somewhat new nail tech. I know enough to give a good quality service, but have alot of room to expand and learn new things. I'm self-taught from 2016 but only started taking it seriously in 2019. I love GlamPro gel and I am currently learning acrylic with monomer. (Any...
  2. K

    Renting a table help please

    Hi iv had an offer of renting a table in a busy salon for £25 a day, iv just finished my level 3 nail course but done level 2 also, my question is what prices would you charge when only just qualified?
  3. Cncharles

    Polish/gel recommendations and accessories

    Which polish and gel polish and accessories do people recommend , especially for a mobile service ? Thanks in advance x
  4. Abbiegolland95

    Acrylic brush help!

    So I am only just qualified but I have only used this brush for a second time (Done 4 nails in total) and this happened not even two nails in.... The first time I used it I cleaned it in clean acrylic for 10 minutes like it said on the back of the packet.... Really not sure if this is something...
  5. A

    Best acrylic system for new nail tech

    Hello all, I am doing an acrylics course this upcoming Saturday and not entirely sure what system or brand to use. I know alot of people recommend glitterbels and naio nails but what wondering if there is any others. Also what acrylic nail tips do people use as I don't seem to be finding any...
  6. K

    Mixing gel brands?

    Hi! I just started doing my own gel nails at home. I went to a nail tech who did my full set, and she used the Orly builder in the pink jar to build the nails. My question is, when I go to do my fill, can I use IBD gel to build the nail back up or will it lift? I'll also be using the IBD...
  7. N

    Manicure & facial, which to do first?

    Hi, A client just booked in for a facial and a manicure, but I don’t know which one I should do first. What would you do first? Thanks in advance!
  8. B

    Nail training classes ideas?

    Hello All! I have a question for everyone that is a cosmetologist or nail tech who is licensed or soon to be licensed. If you guys were offered to take a nail course which popular services would you be mostly interested in learning? Gel polish Manicure Nail Basics Nail business/ building books...