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  1. madinicks

    How to get new customers?

    I am new to the forum so bear with me! Me (Madi) and my boyfriend Nick just opened a new mobile spray tanning business in Atlanta, Georgia. We have setup a website, google business, yelp, ect... We have ran google ads and landed a few new clients but nothing crazy! I was wondering if anybody...
  2. J

    What are some good ice breakers for getting to know new clients?

    Hey there! Random question. What are some good ice breakers when seeing a new client? I’m trying to build up my clientele a bit more and for me, it seems like when I connect with the client it’s an all around better experience! What are some good topics you talk to new clients about? Sometimes...
  3. D

    Beauty salon room sub-let

    Hello all! Would appreciate some advice on the following.. I am keen to start out on my own in the beauty industry but setting up a salon is not financially feasible right now. I’ve viewed a couple of rooms in hair salons but they were both very loud and without basins. I have however found a...