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    Advice on acrylic product

    Hi, I'm a new nail tech from South Africa. I am starting my own business and I don't know how many sets 10g of acrylic can give me. I did see a post where someone said you get 50 sets with 8oz but the cost didn't make sense when I converted it to grams. I hope someone can help me. I want to...
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    Client list

    I would like some advice please....... bare with me while I give the back story...... I’ve worked in a salon for 2.5years now on a self employed basis.....being paid commission for the treatments I did. Around 60% of the clients were already going to the salon when I started, and approximately...
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    Is this normal for a nail salon?

    Hey! My name is Christina and im a new nail tech, I've been doing my own nails for years but recently started doing others and graduated manicuring classes a little less then a year ago. Nails are my passion and i recently started working at a salon and I've been there around almost 6 months...
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    Opening my own nail salon

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for some advice or tips on opening a nail bar. I’ve been a nail tech for 17 years, self employed and renting stations from others for about 8. I’ve decided in the next 2 years I’d like to have my own nail salon. Does anyone who has done this have any advice/tips...