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  1. C

    Nouveau LVL

    Hi, I trained in LVL with nouveau a little over 12 months ago now, however I gave it up for a while as I was so busy with lash extensions. I am wanting to get back into it, I’ve ordered a whole new kit however I can’t find my training manual and can’t remember the timings on how long each...
  2. J

    Eyelash extension courses/training

    Hey, Been doing some research on lash extension courses/training in or close to London. The ones coming up the most since I've been researching are Eyelash emporium, Flirties and Nouveau lashes. I've completed a L2 in beauty therapy but have no lash extension experience so looking for a...
  3. Tonibennett91

    Problems with LVL lashes

    Hi all I’ve been qualified in Nouveau’s LVL lashes over 6 months now. I only do it part time as I have another full time job. I gotten really bad results on the past couple of clients, to the point that you can’t even tell they’ve had the treatment. I’m doing everything right, shields up to...