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    IBD hard gel advice?

    Could someone please tell me their steps for applying IBD hard gel as an overlay with a gel polish color on top? Trying to work out some kinks in my method. Thank you very much
  2. K

    Fungus, bruising? Disturbing!

    So attached is a picture of my nails. One of my nails broke so I took it off, because I find the salons I go to to be very rough on my nails. I noticed discoloration which I thought might be mold. The finger next to it was also feeling sensitive so I took that nail off as well. What I found is...
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    Spray tan disaster!

    Hi, I had a spray tan today and a few weeks ago I burnt my legs mildly. They’re still peeling and one on of my legs I have a patch which is completely white due to the peeling skin!! Is there any way I can fix this? I don’t own the tan or a touch up pen so not sure if I would be able to fill it...