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  1. Hbk57

    Hair colour change

    I have platinum hair - I go to Toni and guy- always have a great experience- is it possible to go from full head bleach back to highlights- I’m due a scalp bleach next week but i wouldn’t mind going back to highlights. I used to get bleach and ash highlights for over 10 years and then last 2...
  2. S

    Platinum on grey roots

    Advice please I have a lady with previously highlited hair, her ends are bleach blonde with a bit of warmth, level 9, And her regrowth is a mixture of around a level 7 with about 60% white/light grey around the front, Amy suggestions on what to use to achieve platinum blonde, Normally i would...
  3. Shelbygirl

    Please help me tone to white

    Hi guys! Im not an experiecend hair stylist at all, Im new and just starting. Right now Im trying to do my hair. I use wella. I bleach and then I tone with koleston ( we dont have wella toners where I live, I have to do it with dye). Last time I used 10/16 with 3% developer on dry hair and I got...
  4. Serendipity13

    Need inspiration: life after platinum

    Hello, I've been training for over a year now, and I believe I have made some progress (learning thanks to many mistakes haha ;) ). I am naturally a level 6, dark blonde. I wanted to see if I could achieve platinum hair and after some trial and error I did (see my profile picture). Last...
  5. E

    Platinum blonde with dark roots

    Hey Geeks! I’m doing a friend of mines hair tomorrow, she Currently has highlights and so her hair is fairly light a base 6/7/8 in places with a dark root. She wants to go even lighter to a platinum/grey blonde, with a darker blended root. I’ve told her it’s a process and I will lift her as...
  6. H

    Platinum from lilac grey

    Hiya First time posting. My client would like to go back to platinum after being silver/lilac grey for a while. I currently do a scalp bleach with blondor then tone with Igora Absolutes silver and grey lilac. Over time that has really grabbed on the mid lengths and ends plus she used silver...
  7. C

    Platinum hair color correction suggestions please!

    Hello, any suggestions on how I can color correct this? I want to use Olaplex #1 in Joico Vero K-Pak Creme lightener with the lowest amount of developer possible. I'm thinking it would be best to bleach the yellow section first, and then the roots separately. Not sure what volume I should use...
  8. MariaTvb

    Wella blondor ratio help

    Hello! I'm naturally a level 4 and I've been bleaching my hair to get that perfect platinum white hair for years. Can you please help me with an opinion which would be better for on scalp bleach? a)Wella blondor 1:1.5(half 6%, half 9%) b)Wella blondor 1:1(6%) I've never tried this ratio 1:1...