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  1. robynjanehill

    Pre colouring hair

    Hello all! Very pleased to be able to chat with fellow hair artists :) I’ve got a client coming in to go from porous level 10, (long hair) down to about a 6 or 5 level mahogany. She has about 2 inches of natural regrowth level 6. I was thinking to pre colour using 6 level copper-red but...
  2. L

    Pre pigging

    my client is the base of a 5 and at the moment is bleached up to a level 10.. looking to stretch her roots down with wella 5/43 into 7/43 + tiny bit of 9/43 illumina… what’s the best to pre pig this with and how to do it before colour? WELLA ONLY
  3. H

    Prepig hair question

    I have a client who used to get a full head of highlights, but now has 4 inch of regrowth , natural level 6. But now wants change to go to a level 5 brown with copper lights. I know I can prepig hair with perfection, but then I would have to lift lights again to lift the /44 perfecton out...
  4. K

    Prepigment before balayage?

    I qualified in hairdressing NVQ level 3 over a year ago, but I'm a bit rusty on matching colours and prepigment. I would really appreciate some help. I mainly know just Wella because that's what I trained with. Basically my client has platinum blonde hair wants a reverse balayage to break up...