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  1. K

    Prepigment before balayage?

    I qualified in hairdressing NVQ level 3 over a year ago, but I'm a bit rusty on matching colours and prepigment. I would really appreciate some help. I mainly know just Wella because that's what I trained with. Basically my client has platinum blonde hair wants a reverse balayage to break up...
  2. C

    Pre-pigmentation query

    Hey there, So I was a hairdresser for many years but have not been for the last 13 years. I very rarely did pre-pig work on clients so I want to ask a few questions about this as I will be coloring my girlfriends hair. Currently it is a straw like bleached out mess that her mother has been...
  3. Rosieamber93

    Blonde balayage to brunette

    So I’m finallt considering to go dark ahhhh! I have added a picture of my current colour, it’s about a 7 root then fading down into a blonde balayage. I’m in two minds weather to pre pig? If I just put 66/07 with 1.9% all over on dry would it go Khaki? I’ve done this on a client and it went fine...