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  1. C

    New member needing product advice! :)

    Hi all! I’m pleased to join this community. I run a massage business with a home treatment room in addition to home visits and corporate/office packages etc. I’m adding facials but I’m stumped on which products to use. Any recommendations on a brand or specific products please? I would also like...
  2. K

    Building a makeup kit

    Hey :) I am just starting out as a self taught makeup artist and I am building my kit so would just like any tips really on building this. (sorry if theres so much information here, I just want as much opinions and things covered as possible). So far I have mac studio fix foundations...
  3. Teri-Suzż

    Kit building

    Hi everyone, I'm building my own kit for nail services. I realise this is an investment and am super excited to build my produce range but i dont want to waste time and money on the wrong items. Any recommendations on all products?where to purchase nail lacquer? And which brands are best...
  4. S

    Does anyone know where I can find an IT Cosmetics brush guide?

    I am having a hard time memorizing which brush is for which and the differences between the 3 different kinds...