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    Vita Liberata Allergic Reaction--

    Has anyone had a problem with VL Brazillian Tan? I have had 3 clients now that have had a reaction on their faces. I have been using it for 10 years and never had a problem before but to get 3 in a short space of time makes me think that they may have changed the formula.
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    Lash extension allergy 3 weeks later?

    Hi! I’ve been doing lashes for over three years and I haven’t had this happen before, so I could use some advice. I had a new client (their first ever time getting extensions) that I did a full set of hybrid lash extensions. Same adhesive and picky placement as I always do. She is coming in for...
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    Help! Bad allergy & don't want to stop being a nail tech

    Hello!! I’ve been a nail tech for 2 years now. Unfortunately, before I took the course I attempted to do my own gel extensions and for the better part of 4 months was doing it completely wrong. I took the course, loved it saw what I had been doing wrong and fixed it. But the allergy had already...
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    Reaction to bleaching

    Hi, ive noticed when i look up my symptoms alot of people have experienced the same reactions to lightening products on scalp but havent came across anyone who has had a straight answer for this. I have lightened my hair for years and only recently been having reactions causing hand and feet to...