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Feb 16, 2020
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Delray Beach
Hi! I’ve been doing lashes for over three years and I haven’t had this happen before, so I could use some advice. I had a new client (their first ever time getting extensions) that I did a full set of hybrid lash extensions. Same adhesive and picky placement as I always do. She is coming in for her three week fill in two days. I received an email from her today stating: “I woke up this morning with my left eye a little bit swollen on the top of my eye lid. It’s just a little bit red and puffed up”.

Do you know what this might have caused this? Normally, an allergy would occur around three days after lashes have been applied and not almost three weeks later, so I’m a bit stumped. Could it be an irritated hair follicle from a grown out lash? Do I cancel her appointment? Remove the lashes? I’d appreciate the help!
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More likely that it an infected hair follicle that is just starting, nothing to do with your application. She needs to see her GP or pharmacist for advice.
Let's face it normal eye hygiene is not possible when clients are trying to preserve their lash longevity. I would wait until she has had the consultation before you do anything else.

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