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  1. E

    Supply issues?

    my place of work has been struggling to keep our retail and other products in stock. supposedly skinceuticals and CND has been back ordered throughout the last year due to covid. our shellac polish supply is dwindling with no restock in sight. our retail shelves are getting emptier by the day. i...
  2. L

    Retail products

    Hi everyone, Quick question can I retail products that I use on clients? For example weleda skin food can I buy these in bulk then sell them or do I have to contact weleda first? Sorry if it’s a silly question x
  3. Nicolasarahcox

    Items to retail?

    Hi everyone, I am renting a room in a hairdressers doing beauty & nails. I am looking for ideas for some small items to retail, Thanks in advance Nicola
  4. BobSweden

    Why do NT support brands that sell to hobbyists?

    Isn't this like Turkeys voting for Christmas? Isn't it hard enough for newbie Nail Techs to get established without low cost, probably working black, competition? Why buy from companies that don't support the industry and are undermining our profession? And if the recent report by the British...