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  1. S

    Rooms for hire for beauty therapy treatments, Hornchurch

    Hi Everyone! We have recently designed rooms to hire on an hourly / daily basis! These rooms are very modern and ideal for many beauty therapy treatments! Including waxing, eyelash treatments, massage, facials and much more! They are based in Hornchurch, Essex. This is ideal for new starters...
  2. B

    Cleaning advice during Covid-19, who’s responsible?

    Hi, I am self employed and rent a room at a salon in the UK. I recently found out that the salon owner is having a clean done of the salon prior to opening. My room or the other private rooms rented out (still part of the salon) has never been professionally cleaned like the rest of the...
  3. N

    Room rental rates for aesthetic clinic/beauty

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone could help with what today’s current rental charge is ? I currently have had my salon completely renovated and looking at renting various rooms out small / medium / large all with sinks and ground floor, salon is on main high street - I have an aesthetics clinic...
  4. Brows by Sophie

    Room for rent required in London for cosmetic tattooing

    Hi, I am looking for a room to rent, currently offering microblading/shading and will be expanding to other semi permanent treatments this year. I am looking for somewhere full time within an already established salon. Or also open to teaming up with a beautician who offers different...
  5. Z

    How to collect commission

    Hi I own a hairdressers in Stockport and have a room I have recently advertised for a self employed beauty/holistic therapist, I ideally want someone to rent the room outright each week with their own client base and obtain new clients from the salon. However I have been approached by a...
  6. N

    Looking for a room to rent

    Hi Guys. I'm looking for a room to rent in Herne Bay/Whitstable/Canterbury for semi permanent makeup. I am looking to work Fridays and/or Saturdays each week. I would like to be able to leave my equipment in the room for convenience if possible. Look forward to hopefully hearing from someone :)
  7. G

    Starting up?

    Hi I’m new to this site and I’m looking for some direction if anyone could help. I’m currently training In Microblading in Manchester. I am looking for a room to rent in the Manchester area whilst training and then once I’m qualified. I will be fully qualified in a couple of months so in the...
  8. B

    Room rental rates or commission?

    Hello Everyone, Unsure if I've posted this in the right section. I am a newly trained aesthetic practitioner who is offering filler and eventually botox treatments. My current focus is to build a client base, however I am having trouble doing this. I was wondering do salons rent rooms out to...
  9. M

    Looking for room to rent with sink, Kent

    Hi everyone, I’m desperately looking for a beauty therapy room to see microblading clients from in Kent, the room requires a sink within the treatment area Thanks in advance xx