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    Lash extension prices

    i am going to be qualified in classic lashes in july and Russian lash extensions in September, the course have recommended leaving a space between the two to practice, and I was just wondering, do I charge a price for my first few ever sets? so as soon as I pass would it be advised to go...
  2. D

    I generally get really nervous before clients!

    Hey I’m just looking for tips on how to control my nerves!! I was in the beauty industry around 8 years ago and have a had a baby recently, I’m going back into the industry now as it works better with my family life. I’m doing Russian and classic lashes only been doing them around 2 months and...
  3. J

    Do I need a Russian lash certificate?

    Hi new to this forum, could anyone tell me if I need a Russian lash certificate to use Premade Fans?? I have a classic certificate but was wondering if it’s ok for me to add a few Premade Fans to my clients??