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  1. P

    Blondme developer

    I am doing a colour change, using Igora Royal 6-78 over old highlights. And 9-7 towards the ends. Can I mix it with Blondme developer 7vol as I don't have 10 vol. Or would you use 20vol?
  2. D

    New Schwarzkopf hair dye brand?

    So, Schwarzkopf launched a new brand of permanent hair color on my country called "Tbh: true beautiful honest" with some really beautiful hair dye shades and less ammonia content. I really want to try them but I've been having such a hard time finding this brand on shops anywhere!!! I've tried...
  3. M

    Pink ColorWorx

    Hey anyone know anything about why the pink IGORA ColorWorx hair dye colour can’t be mixed ?
  4. AprilKate

    Schwarzkopf Pearlescence?

    Hi all, I’m trying to get a lovely lilac colour, I’ve used lavender Pearlescence on pre lightened hair but it’s still too dark. Has anyone mixed lavender and candy? Or mixed with D-0 Can I see pictures and formulas please
  5. DovelaBeauty

    Help finding formula in Schwarzkopf

    I have a guest who showed me this picture the other day I'm having the hardest time finding a formula in Schwarzkopf, can anyone help? Or have another formula they recommend; rose gold