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  1. M

    Help needed Sally’s colour recommendations

    Hi I hope this is the right place to post I’m new here. I have attached a photo of my hair. I can’t afford a salon right now but my hair badly needs doing. I’ve experimented with my hair loads but needing advice on which semi permanent colour from Sally’s to put on my hair for the balayage...
  2. F

    Microblading models required in Leeds

    Hi looking for microblading models in Leeds. Small fee charged inc brow consultation , brow mapping, 1st session and 1 touch up after 8 weeks. Model price £150. Will entail photography and video. To book text 07733964146 Website Kind regards Nick
  3. RoseLVXHair

    Cleaning eyelash extensions with contact lens solution

    Hi, I was told you can clean lashes with contact lenses solution - is that right? Do you dilute, how do you advise clients? Thanks