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  1. Grace Burton

    Microblading start up help

    I’ve just recently qualified in microblading and before I contact the council regarding coming out to inspect my work area (which is at home) I was hoping someone could help me with what I need. Obviously I’m aware of the general kit that I need but I’m unsure of sharps bins etc. Thanks in...
  2. Jenniferpowell.x

    Make up academy?

    Hi all, Could anyone please recommend or point me in the right direction on a few courses, I have been looking online at a few make up academy's, but I do want something quite advanced and was coming on here to see if anyone had done any make up courses, 1-2-1 lessons or academy's. Potentially...
  3. F

    Beauty room to rent

    Hello, Does anyone know of any rooms to rent in kent? I am trained in advanced facials; dermaplaning, microneedling, bb glow, skin peels, million dollar and will be doing Noveau LVL very soon. If anyone could help, TIA x
  4. N

    Kb pro or finishing touches for SPMU training

    Hi Everyone, I am new on here and looking for advice and help. I am looking to train in SPMU for brows and Microblading. Has anyone trained in Finishing touches or Kb pro. I am making a complete career change and need to make sure I am making the right decision and would love some advise based...
  5. E

    SPMU or microblading training?

    I'm looking to do some training and become a brow specialist, but cant decide whether to just do a microblading course or the full SPMU. Can anyone advise? It's a big expense. I'm also torn between Karen Betts Pro and Finishing Touches Academies. Does anyone have any experience of either of...