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  1. JadaDaisy

    Fake tanning after sunbed?

    So I’ve been going on the sunbed (still yet to develop a tan though) but I’m not tanned yet and I have something coming up, so I want to fake tan for it. But I’m wondering, will this put my sunbed sessions to waste, when i exfoliate the fake tan off, because wont it exfoliate my real sunbed...
  2. JadaDaisy

    Not tanning on sunbeds, exfoliating/moisturising?

    I’m very pale, in the past I’ve only ever been on the sunbeds once and that was enough for me to tan (but it was after I’d been to Turkey for a week so I guess by then my skin had gotten used to it, even though I came back pale still). However, I now have no base tan, I’ve been on the beds about...
  3. jen1989cuttie

    Sunbeds advice!

    I'm looking for sunbeds to buy, i came across a website that sells refurbished sunbeds for £1200 (the website said someting about small business's and i think it said its in kent) but me being silly i thought i would be able to remember the website. I've been searching and searching but i cant...