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  1. E

    Trade accounts for retailers

    Hello, I am hoping to start a business selling hair extensions and i’m currently researching suppliers. I have noticed that most suppliers require a qualification in hair dressing (which i don’t have) in order to open up a trade account. However, I have found some that will allow you to open up...
  2. Xlara

    Seeking wholesale/bulk OPI gel polishes

    Seeking good website to purchase opi gel in bulk/wholesale, any recommendations?
  3. bella-donna

    Lash brand - which manufacturer to start my own brand?

    Im interested in starting my own eyelash extension brand and I am stuck on how to find a good manufacturer. Any advice would be great...
  4. B

    Please help with extensions info

    Hello everyone! I’m newly qualified in hair extensions and researching all hair suppliers. I’ve been advised to use angel remy but their stock seems so low it’s hard to use them as a main supplier. Heard great things about prestige & euphoria one. I’m just getting all my prices together and...
  5. Charl.Tan.Hair

    American Pride extensions

    Basically am I missing the point with American pride hair extensions?? I've just completed my hair extension course through Sally's. It was for micro loop and micro ring only. They highly recommended American pride and I decided to go with that! First client books in so I order the colour...
  6. H

    Hair extension suppliers

    Hi all. Please can I get some recommendations for excellent quality hair extensions? In my area a full head of 150 bonds costs around the £230/£250 Mark including fitting. I'd like to be able to compete with this with an excellent quality hair. Many thanks in advance
  7. Aish

    New to extensions, need to find good well priced brand

    Hey all, So I’m new to extensions and have trained in fusion bonding, easy shrinks, micro rings/links, nano rings and mini tubes. I have friends that want micro rings/nano rings fitting and Ive said I will only be charging them for the hair so I can get a bit of practice in before opening fully...
  8. RoseLVXHair

    Lash removal suppliers

    Hi, With SP lashes, what remover would you recommend using. I'm apart of a FB group mentioning 'Cream removers' but we didnt talk too much about types in my training, just got shown how to using the one provided in the kit. Thankyou ♡♡