New to extensions, need to find good well priced brand


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Hey all,

So I’m new to extensions and have trained in fusion bonding, easy shrinks, micro rings/links, nano rings and mini tubes. I have friends that want micro rings/nano rings fitting and Ive said I will only be charging them for the hair so I can get a bit of practice in before opening fully to clients. However I’m really sturggling to find a decent well priced supplier. I want it to be affordable enough but still good quality, I’ve heard so many horror stories about different brands and I don’t want to be responsible for ruining someone’s hair! It’s making me really nervous!!

Please help me!

Thank you so much!!


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best way is to get samples from suppliers and go from there.

theres loads of threads on here regarding hair Extension suppliers, just take a look.


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Thank you for your help, i’ll definitely do that!