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  1. M

    Tape hair extensions

    Hi, I don’t know if anyone can help me. I recently did a full head of tapes, they went in amazing, I made sure they were secure, used not too much, not too little hair. My client had had a few come out? Can anyone tell me the reasons this may have happened? I did everything exactly as trained...
  2. J

    Best tape adhesive remover?

    Hey! Looking for the best tape removal solution. Iv tried loads and not been super impressed. I find the walker tape peels off easily I just need a better solution for getting them out of the head quickly and easily (and obviously as comfortably as possible!) Example - Prestige Hair Adhesive...
  3. L

    Hair extensions suppliers advice

    Hey! I’m about to do a course this weekend with Oakley Academy in tape, celeb weave and nano ring hair extensions I’ve been recommended some different suppliers for the different methods. I’d like to offer a lower budget range and higher budget range. Can anyone recommend to me? I was...
  4. Chrissie0444

    Sticky tape ins

    Hi guys, I’ve recently had tape in hair extensions and it’s my first time having them so very new to this. I was just wondering is it normal for the tapes to be slightly sticky/tacky feeling? I wash my hair for like 10mins to try and get in between all the hair extensions but it’s very...
  5. wawahair

    Tape hair extension removal

    Hello, So I am not having fun removing tape extensions. I get them out of the hair fine but removing the glue from the extension to refit is taking ages! The glue is so sticky and not coming off in one piece. My hands are covered and I can’t get the glue off my hands sticking to everything...
  6. D

    Tape adhesive Glasgow

    Very last minute but I need some tape adhesive to reapply 150g of tapes Is there anywhere I can go buy this in Glasgow? Thanks