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    Rent a room or stay in management?

    Hey everyone! I need some advice as I'm stuck in a rut and starting to get fustrated with my current job! I've just recently graduated with a first class honours in beauty management and I have been a therapist for 8years now. I currently run a day spa and have a big clientele of my own which...
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    Essex room to rent for SPMU

    Hello! I am seeking a room to rent in the Essex area for semi-permanent makeup specifically brows to start July 2018. As I am completely new to this industry, I would be very appreciative of any advice on how to go about this! Thank you :):)
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    Rooms to rent, North West

    Hi there, I have rooms available to rent within several high end clinics across the North West: **Birkenhead (1 room), Crosby (3 rooms), Openshaw (2 rooms), Stoke on Trent (3 rooms), Stockport (1 room) and Wilmslow (2 rooms)** All of the clinics are immaculate and beautifully presented - prices...