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  1. liahhhhnicey

    thick toenails

    hi, so i am due to go on holiday soon and i will be getting the LCN Wilde Pedique on 4 toes on my right foot (big toe and every toe apart from pinky). Sadly i have thick, discoloured toenails due to nails trauma. The toes on my left foot are completely fine. But i want to get all my toes done...
  2. Z

    Extremely dry toes and skin

    Anyone know what I can do about this? My skin on my toes is extremely dry. I mainly walk barefoot throughout the day and the red parts sometimes hurt a little. I found that it got worse with polish on the nails but I am not sure.
  3. E

    Gel glitter toes

    Hi I took a break from doing nails to raise my kids I am trying to get back into it and make gel glitter toes make a comeback where I live LOL Is there a new easier way to do gel glitter toes ? I used to do Binder Gel Coat Gel coat w/ glitter Then gel Then file then shiny top coat THANKS...
  4. S

    Gelish toes

    Hello? I forgot to apply ph bond before foundation when doing gelish toes! Silly of me, do you think they will be ok with out it? Has anyone ever forgot before? I just went from cleanser to foundation. I’m hoping because toes are more hard wearing it’ll be ok. Any reassurance would be great...