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May 10, 2023
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hi, so i am due to go on holiday soon and i will be getting the LCN Wilde Pedique on 4 toes on my right foot (big toe and every toe apart from pinky). Sadly i have thick, discoloured toenails due to nails trauma. The toes on my left foot are completely fine. But i want to get all my toes done regardless as in painted and cuticle cut down and shaped on my toes etc etc, but my podiatrist says i cant have UV lights(non gel cured) on my wilde peqiude toes. Is it worth still going to a beautician getting my toes done? Will a beautician refuse to paint my toes cause of the wilde pedique?
I’m not trained in Wilde Pedique but I have done lots of toe nail reconstructions in my time. I don’t see why you can’t have polish or gels over Wilde Pedique toes in therory. You’d need to warn your nail tech to just buff gently and not file away loads of the top surface.

The problem will be with infilling your wilde Pedique and removing your gel colour. It might be difficult to impossible to infill your reconstruction with another gel on the top and impossible to safely remove the gels without damaging the Wilde Pedique. I’d have thought that was the main problem. Your podiatrist may not wish to have to deal with a cosmetic product and may not have the correct pricing/experience to offer this as an option. For example I don’t remove products that I haven’t applied.

I’d suggest looking after your Wilde Pedique for as long as possible and possibly having it infilled a few times to last the whole summer.

So don’t go for gels - try using normal polish and removing with acetone-free polish remover. Professionally painted polish lasts weeks - you don’t need a gel for improved wear, just for the convenience of not needing flip flops after your pedi.

Enjoy your holiday
hi thank you so much for your reply!! i think i will go salon and grt freshly done polished!! hopefully these salons dont turn me away !! thank you so much i am looking forward to my holiday haha

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