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  1. S

    Matching up for LA weave red heads?

    My friend is a very light ginger with blonde highlights running through i’m really struggling to find her a good match for an LA weave. Can anyone recommend a good supplier that has a good variety? Thanks
  2. S

    LA Weave. colour ring and hair extension supplier?

    Hi, I recently did and LA weave and nano ring course with km hair extension training and they have told me to use the LA weave website, I have a trade account with them. However since Jan they have not had a colour ring in stock so i’m really struggling now i need to start or i worry this course...
  3. xlmxxx

    Euphoria One or Glamorous Lengths pure range?

    I am starting to offer Celebrity weave (LA weave) and Tape extensions. I have used Euphoria one Brazilian gold before which has been lovely. I want to offer a mid and higher range. I think I may offer their Indian Silver 5A as mid, Brazilian Gold as the higher quality for the weave and then...
  4. Holly_Hoppy

    Can someone please shed some light on the different weave methods?

    And I hate asking, because I'm embarassed that I don't know. I was trained in the LA weave method - so a row of micro beads applied to the hair and the weft of hair sewn onto those. Simple. When I had hair extensions fitted myself (before I was trained) it was a "Malaysian Weave" - I cannot...
  5. M

    Hair extension course and suppliers

    Hi, I recently booked a course to further my confidence in hair extensions with the London Hair academy :( to my luck on the day i turned up, i found out they had gone bankrupt - asides from that drama of taking all the time off work and paying for it, I am now about to complete another course...
  6. L

    Hair extensions suppliers advice

    Hey! I’m about to do a course this weekend with Oakley Academy in tape, celeb weave and nano ring hair extensions I’ve been recommended some different suppliers for the different methods. I’d like to offer a lower budget range and higher budget range. Can anyone recommend to me? I was...
  7. A

    Dry hair extensions

    I have a micro ring weft applied it’s been in since the beginning of April and it’s so dry and tangled and gets matted 10 minutes after brushing and sheds like crazy the hair has halved in thickness since having it in I use the beauty works shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave in conditioner...