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    Independent Russian hair sourcing

    Hi I’ve seen a few hair extension technicians actually sourcing their Russian hair themselves directly instead of buying it through a company. How do you go about this?? As id much rather source the hair myself. I’m wanting quality remy Russian double drawn hair. Thank you! Paige
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    Grade 8A&9A double drawn pure Russian hair suppliers

    Hi, I have recently become a qualified hair extension technician and in the process of finding suppliers before I start advertising for clients. I am looking for good quality virgin Russian hair that must be double drawn - either grade 8A or 9A. I currently have grade 8A Russian hair on my own...
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    LA weave-help

    Hi! I recently did a course on a method they called “micro weave” but I’m also seeing it being called the LA weave. I’ve been practising on a few friends and family for now but I keep having trouble with the ends of each weft being so bulky! I go through the weft three times as I was trained...
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    Hair extensions advice

    Hello! I am looking on some feedback from anyone who’s worked in a salon which has sold hair extensions. I would like to know how’s many hair extension would be sold on average a month. Basically I want to do a pop up shop in a salon or salons but I’d like to have an idea roughly on how many...
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    Dry hair extensions

    I have a micro ring weft applied it’s been in since the beginning of April and it’s so dry and tangled and gets matted 10 minutes after brushing and sheds like crazy the hair has halved in thickness since having it in I use the beauty works shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave in conditioner...