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  1. S

    Wella colour advice

    hi just wanted to ask those who work and use wella... see attachment ... what shade will this be roughly and which one koleston colour touch ect ...
  2. E

    Colour correction

    #1 Okay so my client went to another hair dresser they have dyed her mid lengths very very brass. Her ends are somewhat ashy and he roots are growing through. She wants me to get all of her hair to a multi tonal golden blonde with a slightly darker root shadow. my plan is to highlight/baby...
  3. H

    Colour correction

    Hi, looking for some advice on this new client I have. She’s boxed coloured her hair for a while and is wanting to go lighter. She’s about a 3/0 and She has about 5% grey at the roots. I’ve suggested a nxt colour remover to strip the box colour. I’m just wondering after that could I go straight...
  4. Brittanyrose608

    Wella pre pig

    Was wondering if anyone could help me? I’ve died my hair with wella 7.1 and the ends have turned out quite green. I was thinking of maybe using a colour remover and going over with wella 7.73! Do you reckon I’d need to pre pig and if so what with? Thanks I’m advance x
  5. B

    Wella Koleston Perfect

    I finish cosmetology school in a few months but I know nothing about any other color line. I’m attending a Aveda and Aveda products are only available to Aveda stylists. I COULD get my hair done at school... but I don’t trust anyone. Lol Anyways, my formulation knowledge is limited to their...