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    Wella help for vibrant coppery hair

    Hello, I’m new to copper hair.. I have a client that’s now wanting me to do her colour too! She likes the vibrant coppers and likes the multi tonal look (first few pics). im just wondering how I would achieve something like this on her already coloured golden/copper hair? I’ll attach a close...
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    Wella purple/violet colour help

    I have a new client (who has so much hair).. she wants something low maintenance so we decided to go with balayage pieces and keeping her natural roots. however, since having the consultation she has mentioned that she likes purpley/violety hair. would you still do the balayage bleach pieces...
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    Highlights and grey hair Wella

    I have a new client- she has a lot of grey hair and doesn’t want to embrace it yet! I’ll add pics of her hair and the sort of thing she’s aiming for. She hates the grey and wants that covered! I’m thinking of doing a full head of highlights, and a colour inbetween and then a root smudge toner...