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  1. E

    Trade accounts for retailers

    Hello, I am hoping to start a business selling hair extensions and i’m currently researching suppliers. I have noticed that most suppliers require a qualification in hair dressing (which i don’t have) in order to open up a trade account. However, I have found some that will allow you to open up...
  2. Xlara

    Seeking wholesale/bulk OPI gel polishes

    Seeking good website to purchase opi gel in bulk/wholesale, any recommendations?
  3. L

    Online VAT free?

    Chris and Sons are having an online VAT FREE anyone shopped with them before? (Online)
  4. S

    Hair extension wholesalers

    I am a hair extension specialist but looking to branch out and have my own brand of hair extensions. Can anyone guide me in the correct direction and where I could purchase the hair. Thank you x