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    Home Salon Requirements

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking of opening a salon at home in a summerhouse in the garden.. Does anybody know- 1. Do you have to ask council permission before setting the business up? 2. If you have to offer toilet facilities for clients? (There won’t be any employees just me alone working from...
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    Nail tech work from home - legal aspects

    Hi I'm a nail technician and I'm exploring an opportunity of working from home. I'm not a beginner in the profession, and I've been specialising in nails and have relevant certifications and insurance. This is not my only source of income and so I'm not looking to create a true salon experience...
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    Beauty services working from summer house?

    Hi looking for some advice please, I currently do Russian, classic and hybrid lashes from home just on my friends as a hobby, I’m looking into making this my career and I’m starting the pathways in aesthetics in February doing facials with needles & in 6 month time lip fillers, I’m unsure of...