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Jul 2, 2015
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can anyone recommend a supplier of 24" hair extensions double drawn? not sjk as i do not like their hair.
Im looking in to mini tips. iv seen a few companies do these (calling them different things) just doing some research on quality and prices before i start offering as would like to keep cost as low as possible while still providing good quality.

Tantrum locks a company based in Guildford Surrey do 24" mini locks....... they claim their hair is Russian but It definitely isn't so just be aware of that.

Angel remy market 20" stick tips but it's a known fact they measure up at 24"..... not sure legal terms if you sell this to the client as 24" though If the company claim it on be 20" I'm not very good with legal thing xxxx
We supply Remi Cachet Mini Tips in 24" in a range of colours. You'll find that no other company calls there products Mini Tips (It's trademarked - Mini Locks too), instead other brands name there products tiny tips etc.

The 24" Remi Cachet Mini Tips are Russian Mongolian, double drawn and are 1g strands. We may not be the cheapest, but our quality speaks for itself.

Let me know if you have any questions.
We offer Tiny Tips in 22-24 inch in our Brazilian Double Drawn range. These are available in over 60 colours and 1g per strand.

Our 20-21 inch Tiny Tips in our Brazilian Double Drawn range are 0.8g per strand and aprox 32 strands per bundle. These are available in over 65 colours and compatible with all types of small application tubes.

We will also be introducing Tiny Tips in our new Russian/Mongolian range which will be 0.8g per strand.

We would love to hear from you x

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