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May 25, 2023
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Hey guys,

I’m just writing for a little advice from all you experienced professionals on here.

I’m a male, 24 years old and about to finish my level 2 and 3 in beauty therapy, it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and wanted to leave my previous career which made me unhappy (Healthcare)

Anyway now that I’m coming to an end of my studies I’d like to find employment in the industry but the problem is, where?

Most salons have female clients, and all female staff so wouldn’t be interested in hiring men, am I right in thinking this?

I’m leaning towards more of the spa route as you get a good mix of of male and females in there especially men maybe after working out who wouldn’t mind a male therapist for massage.

What do you guys think? Has anyone ever seen a male beauty therapist or should I retrain lol

Thank you very much 💕
Hi Andre,
Well done for nearing the end of your studies. Beauty therapy is such a rewarding career, I've been in the industry for over thirty years and still absolutely love my job. As an electrolysist and skin specialist, I treat male and female clients regularly. I think we are seeing more and more men wanting to take good care of themselves aesthetically and tackle skin problems: it's only a matter of time before salons become unisex.
In the meantime, have you considered approaching a male barber to rent a space offering beauty treatments? There are some amazing Turkish barbers opening up, with an emphasis on the experience as well as the haircut or shave. I bet nail treatments, facial and massage treatments would be a great addition to their services. You have a great opportunity to make a name for yourself in what is still a niche area, plus there are many females who are equally happy to be treated by male therapists; it's the knowledge and expertise that counts. Best of luck and please do keep us updated on your progress xx
Hi Andre and welcome

There are male therapists on this forum and I know a few very successful therapists. Andy Rouillard aka The Wax Daddy specialises in male waxing but has certainly had female clients in his time. My husband occasionally helps out as my receptionist. He shows clients into the treatment room and quite a few ladies have been surprised when I did their intimate waxing. One or two were disappointed (they’d got themselves all psyched up). Hardly anyone panics and double checks they are having a female therapist.

When I was trained by Deborah Mitchell (facialist to the Royal Family) I met a successful male salon owner who (like me) was one of Deborah’s VIP protégés. He did facials on his ladies.

You are right, male therapists are more common in a Spa. When I did my work experience placement there was a male student. I’m not sure if the Spa warned clients in advance, but he had lots of bookings. I’m based in Bath and a local Spa was managed by a chap who had a physio background and had then trained in massage. He won International Spa Manager of the year. When he was head hunted I recruited his head therapist and she’d loved working with him and learning new massage therapies from him.

Personally, I prefer a man to massage me because I hate “fluffy” massages and I’ve always enjoyed the masculine “touch” - the size, warmth and weight of a man’s hands is very different to a female touch.

It would be reasonable for some salons to decline to employ a man on a case by case basis, depending on their treatment mix and client base. In most salons pedicures are carried out in an open plan area that isn’t private, so the client mix needs to be borne in mind. Muslim ladies couldn’t accept a man around whilst their toes were painted. I would certainly consider employing a man even though some of my clients wouldn’t like it. It wouldn’t be a big deal for me even though I’m in a small salon. My salon is quite Unisex, it’s not Barbie pink and not marketed as a female only space,. I don’t get many Muslim ladies booking in. and I get quite a few male clients, often sent by their female partners.

So there’s really nothing holding you back except your own mindset! Keep us posted of your progress

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