50 vol peroxide with Olaplex, is it allowed in the UK?


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Aug 27, 2012
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Hey guys, I am awaiting the arrival of Olapex and I'm so excited! But..... I have a few clients I use 40 vol developer on (especially some freehand techniques) these clients would really benefit from the use of Olaplex but...... I know you should bump up the developer, you can't get 50 vol in wholesalers and colour houses don't provide it (it least in the uk) obviously like anything it's on Amazon but are we aloud to use it? I've never had to go about 40 vol and wasn't sure you if we could or if it's not aloud and would void our insurance.

Does anyone know the answer?
I have a couple of thoughts. You don't necessarily have to bump up the developer. I never go above 6% on scalp, so I just use less olaplex in my formula. You still get all the benefits. Alternatively, extending the development time is an option. Have you tried incubating your balyage work in foils? That allows you to use lower strength peroxide. I would use 50 vol tbh.
I did see a small independent wholesaler in the UK selling 60vol a couple of years ago but I think it was a generic brand liquid peroxide. My understand was that very cheap salons used it watered down...!

I don't think you can buy anything above 40 vol in most wholesalers in the UK, as its heavily restricted by law nowadays.
Just use less Olaplex in cases you can't bump up higher!
I believe that EU regulations state that hair coloring products cannot use higher than 12% peroxide. Obviously if you were to ignore the manufacturers instructions and mix with a different, stronger peroxide and then damaged someones scalp/hair then I think you would have a problem.

On the topic of balayage I believe the Guy Tang Pravana lightener uses 50vol for the high developer, and he mentioned that they can't sell it in Europe unless they change one of the ingredients...

I have some 60 vol creme peroxide laying around, just because maybe one day I will do one of those stand test with olaplex or something! But yeah the higher strengths are suppose to be diluted/mixed down in strength, and I can't remember the details but there was a thing that came out a couple of years ago about needing a licence to purchase the higher strengths.

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