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Aug 28, 2003
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hi everyone...hope you all had a good christmas and new year...hard to believe that its all over for another year :rolleyes:

i was looking for some advise regarding ebay...i know a lot of you buy and sell on it but i am getting confused with all the jargon :?
there are a few nail item things that i would like to bid on plus i have lots of stuff hat i would like to sell on it too...what i want to know is.....just how easy is it to use :?:

the bit i dont like is the fact that i have to register a credit or debit card because i dont have a suitable email address.......also do they charge you to advertise and also charge you a fee if you succesfully sell something?

the more i read the tutorial the more i seem to get confused :oops:

i hope some of you experienced ebay users can come to my rescue as i really want to try and sell all the stuff i have lying around as i have nowhere to store it now i have moved to a smaller house.

i dont suppose anyone wants to give up nails and buy a kit from me to build a dolls house do they...lol

maybe sam could start up a seperate forum for non nail related items for sale...lol ;)

hope to get a reply soon


Hi Stanleyann,
With regard to e-bay i have sold and brought things of there without any problems :D
It is a secure site so no one can get hold of your card details.
You do pay a small fee to place a advert, This can be paid each month online 8) You get an online statement to keep check of your account.
If you open a paypal account buyer can then pay you through that account. Also when buying its a quick and safe way to pay. :D
Hope this helps .
yeah thanks lesley....i have been going through it again and i decided to go ahead and register but unfortunately i dont have a credit card (i dont trust myself with them anymore :oops: ) and i dont have an email address by a service provider...only hotmail....so i dont think i am gonna be able to register by the look of it :(
i thought that i could use my debit card to register but it doesnt look like i can

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