Acrylic Extensions and MS


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Oct 31, 2003
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Hi there :D

:?: I 'do' a couple of clients with MS of varying degrees. One of them has mentioned that she would like a set of acrylics. She has been on Steriods recently but isn't now. Does anyone know if I am likely to hit any problem if I go ahead with the acrylics?
Thanks much,
I had a wonderful client called Suzanne and I did her nails steadily for 5 years and during that time her MS got worse. I never had a problem at all and all I ever used (at that time) was Radical Liquid and Ultra Powders by CND. Sadly my dear friend is no longer with us but it was her only wish to make sure her nails were always perfect. You seriously shouldn't have any problems providing you follow correct manufacturer guidelines of your preferred product line! Hope this helps! ;)
hiya jules :D
one of my favourite clients, karen, has quite severe m.e.
she went for a scan 2day because her symptems are continuing to deteriate & it's a possibility that she may have m.s.
her symptoms include;
reduced immunity
reduced mobility down the left side
uncontrollable shakes down left side
this combination of symptoms made it increasingly difficult for karen to maintain her once beautiful nails.
without going into details, karen has had a lot of tragedy in her life & having nails that stop people in their tracks puts a bit of pride back.
only people like us can understand that.
when karen 1st came to me about 2 yrs ago, she had been applying false nails to cover some damaged nails that had deteriated due to her condition.
this in turn caused some bacterial infections & she had all but given up.
the application of l & p has allowed her nails to growout without water & contaminants to come into contact with them.
it has also meant that the enamel that we put on them stays put for the 3 wks that she can now go between appointments.
it took some time & care, but her nails are now her pride & joy ( & mine)
i hope you reach the same happy ending, as these situations are what makes our jobs worthwhile :D
lol liza xx
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