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Mar 5, 2012
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I'm sorry this question is so simple but I have an acrylic removal booked in for tomorrow as the nail tech where I work is off. As I only do natural nails I haven't done an acrylic removal since college and was hoping someone would be kind enough to post a step by step process as I don't have time to practice before the client as it's first thing tomorrow and I don't have any acetone at home.

I have done them before but as it's a friends client I'm a bit nervous and really don't want to do anything wrong.

Is she just getting them removed or is she getting a new set after? Cuz if she's getting a new set, it might be best to leave it for the enhancement tech in case she needs to only back fill the current set.

If she's just removing and nothing else, you will need acetone. You'll need to first remove any polish or file off any topcoat sealer. Then clip off any tips. File down the bulk of product using a rough grit file, then soak off the remaining product in acetone. You can soak off in one of 2 ways. You can use the foil method as if you're removing soak off gel, or pour acetone in a glass or non corrosive bowl and allow client to soak fingers off in the bowl with a towel placed over their hand and the bowl to keep odours at a minimum. If this client is from an NSS you may want to check up on her nails every 5 minutes to gently scrape off the soften product on top as cheap products (if thats what it is) don't come off as easy as quality products. After removing the product you can proceed with a mini mani and moisturise cuticles with oil.
She just wants them removed and then to have a repaint.

Do you have to clip off the ends or can you just soak them off to? When I did them at college we just used to take off polish with nail polish remover and soak them in a bowl with acetone. I don't have tip clippers. The product is all quality product, approx how long should they take to soak off?
Clipping off the tips saves time when you're filing down the bulk, and since clipping creates little tiny cracks into the product itself, it's easier for the acetone to do its work. You don't necessarily need tip cutters for this. You can use a toenail clipper. :) with quality product it shouldn't need more than 10-15 minutes of soaking time. Allow yourself 1 hour to an hour and a half because of the filing and the manicure after removal.
Brilliant thank you. :D

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