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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
hiya everyone

recently i have done a couple of mobile treatments and have found i really enjoy it. i was thinking doing abit of mobile along with working from home.

i was wondering how would you go about advertising mobile? its just that im in london and i have done leaflet drops for my home salon in my local area but with going mobile in london its not possible to do a leaflet drop in the areas that i will be working!

are there any other geeks working in cities as mobiles? if so how did you go about advertising?

I advertise in the local free papers - about £26.00 per month, i have a pair of sunshades in my car from tsl products (cost about £15.00 pair made to your own design)- that promote my business, but mostly its word of mouth!
Word of mouth does seem to be one of the better ways to get new business.

I'd suggest trying to make getting referrals a more formal part of what you do. Get some voucher's printed and ask your existing customers to pass them out for you. Give them a couple of vouchers every time you do a treatment and make sure that you call and thank them when one of their referrals contacts you. (put your client's name on the voucher somewhere so you know who is handing them out)

I'm thinking that it's probably better not to offer a discount on your vouchers - that "cheapens" what you do and also sets the wrong precedent. Maybe add some service that you would normally charge for as a freebie as an incentive.



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