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Jul 8, 2010
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I want to do the Bio sculpture course, starting as a beginner doing their manicure as i havent done any previously. just wondering peoples feelings on this course or am i wasting my time???:cry:

I was same as you, a complete beginner wanting to train in Bio.

I did Bio's manicure course and it was a complete waste of time (but think maybe that was more to do with the quality of the trainer's teaching), but it was a means to an end and got me on the Bio gel course so was worth it I suppose.

I will say that I thought Bio's manicure tools and products are really nice so it was worth it to get the kit so you can offer basic manicures alongside gel treatments.

Hope that helps!

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You are not wasting your time at all. I love bio I have used itnow for 6 years and I have had no problems with them. The office near where I live the people who work there are lovely and really helpful. I loved my training. It is a quality brand with amazing results. Go for it you won't look back.
Let me no of you want anymore info or advice.
Thanks, im debating at the mo whether to go on the CND foundation course rather than Bio, because i would be open to more options and products to use and then prehaps at a later day could train to use Bio, what would people do??? ahhh im soooo confused!!!!
You are going to love Bio Sculpture, wonderful product.
Have a look over on the bio group, I am training with them at the moment, and find the bio group on her a realy good help. Good luck!
Personaly I would do the bio first. I have used other systems in salons I have worked in and clients love the quality of bio. With bio you need to do an assesment and a small test. I would get that out the way first then the hard bits done with. Iv never looked back bio was definatley the right desicion for me.

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