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Oct 29, 2011
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hiya, my hair is in terrible state! it's been bleached, straightened and dyed for years! after a disaster of home bleaching (my hair nearly fell out) i left it alone and most of the bleach has been cut out now, i still dye it brown occasionally but it's still in bad condition! really brittle, dry and i always get slit ends so it always needs cutting. any advice on products to help repair hair or keep hair from splitting? really wanna grow my hair long! thank you xxx
Find a salon that does Nano Keratin Treatments. They really are amazing for stopping breakage and enabling you to grow your hair.
Use the Repair range from Pureology too, its sulphate free and wont interfere with a Nano Keratin treatment.
Also, stop bleaching it yourself! Bleach is tricky stuff and can cause a multitude of damage if not used correctly! Get thee to a salon pronto
I'd say kerastaise or joico k pak. Both are very good.

Ps thanks for being honest in your profile and question and not trying to pretend to be a hair pro (you'd be surprised how many do)
And Ive just realised you actually HAVE stopped bleaching it yourself! ooops! Yes K Pak is ace stuff too :)
thanks for all the help :) i will definately not be bleaching it ever again lol. i think i'm gonna give the k pak a go as loads of people on here seem to say good things about it :) xxx

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