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tina 1

Jan 28, 2007
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Hi to all

Im looking for advice/explanation as to why my thumb nails split when they get to a certain length. This has been happening for a while now and im getting really fed up with it.:cry: The free edge gets to the tip of my thumbs and everytime they get this length i get a small split half way down near the nail wall, on the left hand its on the outer side of the nail and on the right hand its on the inner side. I usually file my nail in the oval shape, do you think this has anything to do with the splits re-occuring?. Im really fed up with this now as my nails look awful. Have thought about putting a gel overlay on but as im at college i cant do this as my nails have to be clear. I would be grateful for any possible reason to this problem and any advice on any treatments as to how i could correct this and have lovely looking nails again and not feel as though i have to hide them.:cry:

Many thanks for taking the time to read this XXX
hi tina it sounds like you have a fault in your nail it can be from heavey nocking or if you bashed in the pasted? unfortunatly it will always be there but with a product ie, acrylic or gel over the top it can help prevent it from splitting

Clear gel or acrylic overlay, nails are still clear but protected.
Thanks scratchers did think it maybe due to some kind of trauma but to be honest with you i really dont remember bashing them or anything like that and it seems a bit strange that its on both of my thumbs nails.

Sorry classy claws i didnt make myself clear, when i say my nails have to be clear i meant that they have to be free of products no polish or enhancements allowed.
to be honest if you keep them short they probably wouldn't notice i'm sure they woul rather you have an overlay one your nail than catch someone whilst in a treatment when it splits?????

I'd still be sneaky to protect my own nail, I'd pop clear acrylic over it, (if you dont get lifting it wont be an issue) just a thin overlay, and I would buff it with only the black side of a GF to give it the natural matt look of a real nail ;) no one would no the difference as long as you keep the mantinance up on it.

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