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Mar 16, 2004
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Tunisia but ex Essex Gal!
Me again, just need some advice im having lots of problems at the moment and its really frustrating it seems to be a very bad week lol, but i really want to start solving some of my problems my aims are to eventually leave my office job and go full time doing nails but the way things are going it will never happen so im now thinking about possibly seeking a day at a nail salon to watch what goes on etc, i know this wont help the problems im getting but may just help my overall ability please can you advise me on what your opinion on this is? or what you recommend? x
Why dont you have a word with Ruth (NailsinLondon). I'm sure i've heard somewhere that she has helped people in this way.
Hiya Kelly,
Perhaps if you could be more specific in what the problems are, I am sure that we can help out with advice and maybe somebody to show you some things that may help.
Ive been posting the problems for the last couple of days starting from tuesday when i first had the problems with the mtw but to no avail as yet, the problems consist of natural nail overlay chipping on the mtw, the mtw looking dirty, what does shrinkage look like so i know if that is what is wrong with a few of the nails ive done, and ive got a crack on one of mine, all these problems have started recently x

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