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Feb 26, 2006
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Hi and welcome to the site :D

Are you wanting to advertise your treatments to 'expats' only? If so then try to find out if there are any womens groups where expat ladies 'do lunch' etc.
See if you can find out if there is a monthly publication for English speakers that you can advertise in.

I've not been to Kuwait so don't know what the nail industry is like there, is it pretty new?
Are there many salons there offering nail enhancements?
Hi Sandi,
Thank you for your advise.

There are quite a few salons that offer a nail enhancements, but they do not have a much demand for it.

Ideally i would like expats ladies, i think i can find out if there is a coffee mornings or other functions that they do gather.

You could also try the armed forces there, both American and British, I am sure they both have permenent bases there, and lots of them have their families with could also contact the british/American embassies to find info on where on where they are and where ex pats normally settle.
Hi Maguire,

Thanks, i do know there is an American base here,but i am not sure about British.
I am going to check it out, still new here. So all your advise and help maked so many things easier.

Thank you

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