Aftercare information on micro ring hair extensions


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Amys hair

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Nov 3, 2013
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Hello everyone

I am starting with hair extensions can anyone help with ideas on how to do a aftercare booklet

Thank you

Amy's hairdressing
You should just list everything that the client should and shouldn't do to her hair extensions. The best products to use etc xx
Yes just seeing if I could see how people have laid there's out x

Amy's hairdressing
O sorry lol x
Mine is in a do's and don't list to each specific method if that helps?
Yes just want to see the ideas

Amy's hairdressing
Hi Amy's Hair,

This is the general advice we give for our hair extensions, there is alot that goes into looking after hair extensions and keeping them lovely and soft, however hopefully this should give you a starting point to create an aftercare sheet for your clients.

Day to day care:

Always detangle hair from roots to tips before washing.

Wash hair with lukewarm water using hair extension aftercare products.

Stroke products into the hair, do not twist or rub the extensions when washing or drying.

Do not apply conditioner to the roots, only the ends of the extensions. The conditioner must not touch the bonds.

After washing, carefully de-tangle starting from the tips working your way to the roots with a wide tooth comb.

Use a leave in conditioner to help remove any tangles.

Pat and squeeze hair dry, do not rub.

Always plait hair when sleeping, and neversleep with wet hair.

After washing, separate each bond at the root to ensure none have tangled together.


If you are travelling to a warm country and wearing extensions there are some additional steps you should take to protect your hair.

Try to prevent the extensions from getting wet, as the chlorine and salt water can dry out the hair.

If the extensions do get wet, make sure they are brushed before they have a chance to dry. It is handy to have your hair extensions brush available at all times when away, just in case.

When in the water, make sure your hair is in a plait which is easy to remove. Do not tie your hair in a messy bun as this will be very difficult to remove.

Book in for a maintenance appointment when you return to ensure your extensions are in good condition.

Kind Regards

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