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Jun 6, 2003
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Dear All.

A message to anyone who can give some advice! This is my first posting after reading all your great topics for a short while.

I am a newie, and have recently started working part-time in a small nail salon. To say I'm nervous about making mistakes is an under statement. I am finding my one big barrier is nail tip blending and end up having all sorts of problems from air bubbles (no so much) but the time it takes me! Also today when I did a set the I had air bubble in a few plus I over blended I feel and the tip seemed to be coming away from the nail, sort of flaking. I don't think the tips we use are very good quality but I can't entirely blame them!

I am concerned though that I left an air bubble on one of the nails because I was nervous of soaking another off and annoying the client again. Will this cause an infection?? I can do a set now in 2 hours, but also struggle a bit with the acrylic I seem to get a more runny ball......

Any help you can offer would be great!.......As you all seem to be such a knowledgable and professional lot!


Wander :(
congratulations on making your first post!! Firstly, could you give us a little more info on the product line you are using, what type of adhesive and what tips you are using, also what education training you have undergone so far - this will helps us to help you ;) . Not only are there a lot of informative posts, there are some great tutorials which will help you! If you click on the image twice, it comes up larger! I am not sure which tutroial it is as I am typing away but one of them shows tip application and blending.
Make sure that your adhesive is spread evenly in the well of the tip and to be sure you can always add a very thin line of adhesive to the clients free edge! Place the tip at a 45degree angle and butt up to the clients free-edge, gently lower the tip onto the nail plate! apply firm (but not too firm) pressure to make your adhesive set! When you do this (at least with the tips I am used to using), you can see the adhesive spread and settle - if you are going to get an air bubble you can see it at this point! You can quickly remove the tip and add slightly more adhesive (you may just have to start again if you have gotten yourself in a mess).
Before we get into what to do when blending with an air bubble, let's hear what you think so far!! ;)
Dear 'Mrs Geek',

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

Firstly the tips are 'unknown' also the glue (which is very runny). There are not from a known nail company if you see what I mean. If it was my choice I wouldn't use them!

I am NVQ trained units 19, 9 and 1 i think! But we were rather rushed through the extension bit including the overlay and then we had to do assessments I don't feel over confident at all with the amount of training I've had even though I am trying to do my best against the odds.

I took some extra training which turned out to be a bit of a diaster the lady was really sweet but she uses no hygiene methods at all which rather shocked me! Especially as this was drilled into doing the NVQ. Do you think I would benefit with some good extra training to give me confidence?

Thanks again


ps what about air bubbles in relation to infection etc?
hi wander and welcome to the board :D

i really do think you would benefit greatly from some more training :study:

i see from your profile you are in london are you going to excel ???? you would get some great advice from the nail companies that will be there :D :D

hope this helps
Dear Caroline,

Thanks for your reply and yes I feel most welcome to the board!

Yes I will be going to the Excel are their any companies you would particularly recommend for training? I have been to Excel last year and the other Nails show at Olympia which I found very good. I need to find a company that gives excellent training but doesn't just leave you stranded after spending a day or two with them. I have heard good things about Creative of course, also NSI and Ezflow/California Nails.

Any thoughts?

hi wander

there is only one company for me that gives excellent training and they will always be there for you after you have done any training with them


Yes I am reading you loud and clear - CREATIVE.

I presume you trained with them??

Well I am certainly going to look into it, it's something I have definately thought of doing anyway. (Honest!)

Mrs Geek - who trains in Central London area or kent? I can get to both areas. If you have a number I could call please let me know, also answers to my previous message would be appreciated!

Thanks all again

Firstly, let's thank Crazy!! She and many others are so enthusiastic as Creative have helped them hugely in the education arena; it is so lovely that they are so loyal and we appreciate it more than they know!! As she said, going to a show will help you make a decision. I am obviously CND biased but suggest that you chat with a few companies to get an idea of what you are looking for! Also, when looking at show demos - look at the demo-ers (if that's a word) own nails :rolleyes: If they look horrible, chances are, her skills aren't too hot and I wouldn't be impressed wth ANY company who let someone work on their stand with awful nails!! CND this year won Professional Beauty's 'Best Education' Award; we are the first NAIL company to ever be nominated and win this so we are very proud! For education details please call 0113 275 0433 - Creative Nail Academy Sales Dept. - an Academy Adviser will help you. In Kent, Liza Smith (Olymipa Winner of Winners 2003) is our Ambassador and in London (Hammersmith) we have Ketan Patel (probably one of the most well know competion winners in the UK) so either way, you are in good hands. :rolleyes:

OK now to the air bubble - firstly, hopefully you sanitized the natural nail before applying the tip and after blending the tip before applying your product!! You should be OK BUT if she gets lifting near that airpocket, she could very easily get a bacterial infection (greenie) - if you didn't properly sanitize there is a chance she could get a bacterial infection! Why not give her a call and put your mind at rest - invite her back to the salon for a buff and tidy and fix that problem!! ;)
Dear Mrs Geek,

Thanks for your most recent message!

Well regarding the air bubble prep - yes I did sanitize before and after blending - so I should be okay there. I agree contacting the client might well be the best course of action to avoid any problems - I will talk to my boss this week - so thanks for the advice!

Regarding training I will go to the show and 'shop around' I only have a small list of a few companies I want to look at, and yes looking at the demonstrators nails is a good way of telling what there training may be like!

Also thanks for the number for creative training I will call up and find out more.

So thanks again Mrs Geek for the advice and information.

Best wishes

Wander :p
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