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Dec 16, 2011
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Ok so after a LOT of searching trying to work out what's the average price for airbrush nails I'm still confused!

I was lucky enough to be bought an airbrush for Christmas and after a lot of practise (and am also looking into courses at the minute for further improvement) I think when I start my business I will be ready to offer it as a service. I'm just unsure what to charge!

I've read not to get it out for less than £5. I've also read many people charge by colour rather than design and I think this makes sense but I'm not sure how much extra to charge per colour.

I want to use it for French (unless they want permanent l&p/gel French) and am going to promote it as my main colour finish, and think basic effects such as snakeskin, crackle, colour fade etc would be popular as I've had lots of comments on these on my nails.

So, I'd thought I'd charge £5 extra for set airbrush one colour polish but would really like any advice on how much for set 2 colour and 3 colour effect?

I think for nail art I would still charge per finger.

Any advice really would be grateful please, especially from any past or present airbrush users. I've really tried to get an idea, even calling the 2 local salons who offer it (who were very vague!) so am just a bit stumped.

I know many think airbrush is dying out but I love it and think as long as it's promoted well people will go for it, especially with the nail art excitement that's about at the minute!!

Thanks again x

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