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Jul 30, 2011
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Hi everyone,

In the last 2 years I have completed several accredited 1 or 2 days courses in a range of treatments. I have gained experience everyday on these treatments and have built up a solid client base. Due to circumstances changing I would like my own space perhaps rent a room or salon to do my treatments from.

My question i able to do so considering I have not done a nvq/went to college? I have just recently completed a law degree and college is not suitable at present.

I do not want this to get into a debate about 'one dayers,' I simply want to know if you are able to rent a room/salon with these qualifications and the experience. I feel extremely competent in all the treatments I offer.

Thank you.
Yes you can. I opened my salon without going to college and not having an NVQ.
I have recently done my NVQ level 3 as there are courses I wanted to do that require the NVQ. Prior to that, all the courses I did were short courses.
Yup no law says you cant. Just make sure you have the relevant insurance. Premiums may be higher but you should still be able to get it xx
Yes you can - I have my own salon and have not done an NVQ - I have done one/two day diplomas, nail courses, make up training etc - but has all been built up over the years and not via the college route - as I'm older (34!) and had other commitments and responsibilities, full time college to do an NVQ was never an option for me. I have had my own salon - fully insured, accredited and legal with the tax man since the start if this tear! Go for it I say, cx
* start OF this YEAR... silly iPhone!!
Yup, as the others say, you're good to go!

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