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Apr 5, 2012
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Hi all, I need to pick your brains!
Had a lady today for the removal of her gelish. It was a lady who was chipping her nails from the bottom up and my educator and I thought her knitting was the culprit. This time I used structure under the colour coat to even out her deep vertical ridges and then another coat of structure on top of the colour coat to help it last longer as she was in the process of moving house! Well the good news is that it lasted over two weeks this time instead of under the one week, but the same thing happened that on a couple of nails they had chipped from the bottom and the rest were still perfect apart from regrowth. When it came to remove them most came off in one whole beautifully curled up piece in just over 10 mins but on a couple of fingers including her thumb the product had curled and lifted off at the bottom of the nail after the 10 mins but it was stuck like cement on the top of the nail near the free edge. After more buffing etc rewrapping, buffing again rewrapping it finally came off about 30 mins later! I don't think it can be my removal technique as it came off without a problem with most of the nails, but I just don't know why it was so stuck on the free edge. Any ideas??

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