Any Irish Nail Techs out there?


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Jul 15, 2004
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Hello All- I am new to this and just wanted to say hi - I need to ask some irish people about products available in ireland etc - I work in an office and just do some nixers in the evening and am keen to learn more about the industry - so if anyone wants to chat please let me know *smiles*
I can name 3 straight off the top of my head:

JackieMC (she's in Dublin)

Hope this helps.
thanks carole - just need to find about what products are available in Ireland just fin my course and only have been using one type of product - and I want to play around with more - Cheers!
Oh my god carole had a look at some of your nail art - Looks FAb
Grainneh said:
thanks carole - just need to find about what products are available in Ireland just fin my course and only have been using one type of product - and I want to play around with more - Cheers!
You're welcome love! Drop JackieMC a PM, she's lovely and soooo helpful! Her website addy is if you fancy having a look. What are you using at the mo?
I have spoken to Jackie before shes very nice do you send a PM?

Thanks for your help.....I am using NSI Ez flow acrylic and NSI gel - not that impressed with it
Grainneh said:
Oh my god carole had a look at some of your nail art - Looks FAb
Just seen this post - thanx for the compliment although i'm sure there are other techs on this board who are more worthy of the comment :o

To send a PM you look at the top of the page and click on the words Private Messages then look down the left hand side and click on the button that says Send a Message then under recipient type JackieMC, type a subject heading and then text then click on send - easy peasy! :)
Hi Grainne,

Welcome, just send you a mail.
Any help we can offer be sure to ask. Adding to the Irish Tech list (all Dublin based)Carole posted theres "Pink Lady" "CNA Ireland" aswell again based in Dublin and I'm sure theres a few more out there hidding (like myself).
Hi Grainne,

Another one here, I mainly get stuff from Creative or Salon Services, both in Dublin on the southside, a bit of trek for me from the northside but usually worth it.

Welcome to the group
HI Grainne,

I was just wondering did you do a course with NSI? I have gotten a brochure from them and hope to start a course in Sept. Would you recommend it? I have not heard too many good things about the Star nails course.


Hi girls

Thanks for the nice msgs - much appreciated , Yeh I go to salon services too - but want to know how to go about trying out creative?

Sara - i did the Itec diploma in portobello and NSi was the course material - Its OK ....the gel is not great - but the acrylic is good ....i just wanna play around with different products
Hi Grainne!

I'm just translating here...... 'nixers' means doing a job on the side! In case nobody worked it out!

I'll email you again Grainne when I get a few free minutes - welcome to the Board, glad you joined!
Me again Grainne! I think Creative Nail Design have a 'try me' kit. The One Stop Nail Shop is in Tallaght and their telelphone number is 01 4599199. In order to use their products you will have to take a conversion course and you have to have been a trained nail tech for about 6 months before you can do this. If any of the above is wrong someone will correct me!

I have tried both gel and acrylic from NSI and I much prefer Ez Flow acrylic- you mentioned you've been using this already? What do you think? I love it. You can also get training/workshops from Nail & Beauty Systems Ireland which are based in Glasnevin and their telephone number is: 01 8828624. Their main trainer is Louisa Flanagan who owns a chain of salons throughout Dublin (Nail & Beauty Bar), this year she won Nail Technician of the Year (Enhancements) and Nail Salon of the Year awards by the IBPA! I'm trying to get booked in with her for some 1 to 1 training - she does a great set of nail extensions!

Are you going to the Professional Beauty Show at the RDS in October? If you need a ticket let me know and I'll get one sorted out for you. I'll be on the NBSI stand doing the airbrush demos so be sure to come over and say 'hi'! I'll more than likely be very grateful for the interruption! :lol:
Hi Grainne,

Welcome to the site! Sorry I havent said it sooner, its that just we've been out of the office the past couple of days doing some very exciting stuff for Creative Nail Design in Ireland!! I'll tell more soon!

Well I am Emer, and I am the Education Co-ordinator for the Creative Nail Academy in Ireland. If you want to give me a call about training, I can talk you through the options that are available to you, I'm sure we can work something out for you.

Our team of Education Ambassadors will look after you, they've all got awards under their belts, such as Nail Technician of the Year (L+P, Gel, Natural Nails, Nail Art) and we have taken the award for Best Training in Ireland 2004 too, so you will definetly be in the right hands if you do decide to go with Creative!

So have a nice weekend, do contact me on 01 4599199 on Tuesday if I can help you at all.


Emer thanks a million - do u open late in the evening as I would love to discuss options with you as I am thinking of a conversion course - i cannot call during work i'm afraid!! ;-0(

Thanks for getting back to me - you can email me at [email protected] with any info to - would be brill

Cheers - Grainne
Welcome, I'm also based in Dublin doing nails since '99 trained with Emers gang back then and still do - Creatives great

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